SCOTLAND’S X FILES! Xenopolitics, Alien Abductions & Gorebridge Alien Base!


Xenopolitics, Alien Abductions & Gorebridge Alien Base with Andrew Hennessey.


Andrew Hennessey join us for his first visit to the show & it was well worth the wait!

Andrew shares his first hand experiences of being abducted by aliens & how he had to try and come to terms with everything that was going on around him back in the early 80’s. Andres goes on to explain how all of these events eventually led to him founding something called The New Star Party & later went on to create Xenopolitics.

We get into just what exactly Xenopolitics covers & how it differs from the more commonly known subject of Exopolitics.

Then we talk about somewhere called Gorebridge, near Edinburgh. Andrew goes on to tell numerous stories of events that have occurred in and around this little heard about UFO hot-spot in Scotland.

Cattle mutilations, alien abductions, black orbs, black helicopters, Men In Black, alien craft, UFO’s, lost time & more has been happening for over the past 20 years at least, yet we have heard little about the area despite the best efforts of Andrew to break the story!

Just what is it about this area that makes it so active?

The supression of this information in itself makes the whole story & area worthy of further, deeper investigation, something we intend to help Andrew with here on the show!





Andrew Hennessey, born 1957, Edinburgh, Scotland, has been interested in the UFO phenomenon from a very early age, having had many encounters and experiences, which he wrote of in his free ebook The Turning of the Tide.


  • Founded the New Star Party in 1999AD as a skeptical and critical dialog with Exopolitics who to this day have not produced ONE political manifesto to canvass for the human rights for the victims of alien abuse that has by Treaty been permitted by elected governments.
  • Founded Xenopolitics in Nov. 2007 to illustrate the negative and often demonic nature of alien contact. He wrote a free eBook called ‘Harvesting the Disconnected‘ to illustrate his ideas on the alien agenda.
  • Originated the disclosure about the window area, high strangeness and possible alien base in the Gorebridge area in Scotland from 1999.

Andrew was trained as an industrial biologist and worked in several labs including; the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries,  Central Microbiology Lab, National Museum of Antiquities, East of Scotland College of Agriculture, British Geological Survey.
In 1984 Andrew formed his Theatre group called the Solan Company putting together various original Grailquest projects in many styles with a veritable army of talented helpers.

His current music projects include his ceilidh dance band the Wild Geese  and on recordings for Blues and Country albums on the Scottish scene.
As an amateur Scientist he has also conceptualised new scientific advances. e.g. artificial general intelligence, a new model for gravity, cosmology and particle physics, a new kind of game theory and a new kind of systems theory.  He was listed on the Dissident Scientists list by the Jean de Climont Associates in 2012, 2014, 2016.




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