Alien Signals Detected, First Space Nation & Why All This Now?


Potential alien signals have been detected coming from 234 distant stars. Scientists from Laval University in Canada claim to have found signals that they believe “have exactly the shape” of light pulses that may be detected coming from an intelligent race of beings.

However, don’t get too excited just yet, as this is very early days & cannot be confirmed or ruled out until other independent telescopes have scanned the region to conduct their own research.

Ermanno Borra and Eric Trottier from Laval University in Canada claimed to have found a heap of stars which “have exactly the shape” of light pulses that could be produced by intelligent beings.

The duo used the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which is an eight foot wide telescope in New Mexico, to scan some 2.5million distant stars, before concluding that signals coming from 234 of them were not normal.

They claim that signals from the stars share similar characteristics to lasers being flashed from deep space, which would mean that bursts of radiation would reach Earth.


Prof. Stephen Hawking, whom i hold in very high regard, has weighed in on this news. He and his Breakthrough Listen, an experiment that is scanning the universe for similar signals to determine the existence of other intelligent beings, are now investigating these potential signals.

alien universe

Alien signals & our messages to Polaris – what is going on?

In messages going the other way, ESA have sent out a signal towards Polaris, 433.8 light years away….

THE European Space Agency (ESA) has sent a message to aliens into the distant universe – despite warnings from esteemed scientists such as Stephen Hawking this could be the beginning of the end of humanity.


What strikes me as really strange is the name of the non-profit working with ESA….

‘A Simple Response to an Elemental Message’

Response? To what exactly?

In what can only be looked upon as double standards, Hawking’s claims that a signal sent towards Polaris could be akin to us sending a suicide note out into space.  Yet, here he is, searching the skies along with Russian theoretical physicist Yuri Milner & Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg for signals coming from other beings in the universe, and at the same time criticising the European Space Agency for sending a signal out into space lol!


You see why i say its kind of hypocritical from Doc Hawking! To make its worse he is also intent on sending nano-craft to Alpha Centuri in the next couple of years.

Then finally in the video report I bring up the new nation that is being set up in space, and we are all invited! It’s called Asgardia & they hope to escape the wars etc of earth, ditch religions and live in harmony as “earthlings” in low-earth orbit. What in hells name is Asgardia? Check out the full story HERE!

So, why all the space news now?

Why, with the world on the brink of WW3, is it that we are seeing more and more space news coming our way?

Everything fed to us is for a reason, its all orchestrated. Some may say that these stories are there to serve as a distraction from what is going with WW3. However, i think it might be something else at play here.

Order out of chaos, thats how the elites roll & its exactly how they intend to install their one world government.

Could it be that at the same time as causing chaos here on Earth, they will do so to in the heaven, fake or real?

So many potential threats all rolling together at once & the NWO im sure will have just the solution to save the day!

Thats just my thoughts, but hey, im a dangerous though criminal that goes outside the box & dares to question everything they are letting us see!

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