RED ALERT! Another Explosion At Chemical Plant In Shandong China

An explosion occurred at a chemical warehouse in Shandong province in eastern China on Saturday evening, the People’s Daily China reported. The site is only one kilometer from a residential area.

Firefighters were dealing with the aftermath of the blast in Zibo County, Chinese media reported.

This comes hot on the heels of the massive explosion in Tianjin, and for me that goes beyond coincidence.

I said at the time if the Tianjin explosion was an attack by the pentagon on behalf of the western banking cabal then we would likely see more attacks on infrastructure etc. Is this what we are seeing now?

Things are definately not what they are telling us, and if we are right, and this is more than an accidental incident, standby, for this will get even more interesting, very quickly.

Thoughts and prayers to all involved.

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