Aquaponics & The Hadron Holy Grail




Anthony Patch & Kev Baker talk about alternative method to growing crops called aquaponics. From there Anthony & Kev discuss a new quantum computer from IBM & something called the “hadron holy grail”.


Aquaponics, also known as “vertical farming”, is a growing technique that utilizes the waste products of tanked fish to feed and nourish plants that are grown with hydroponic systems. This is a relatively cheap & very clean method to produce high yield crops.

We discuss how aquaponics would be the ideal system to prevent any contamination from the chemicals being sprayed in the air, for example, chemtrails. On top of that there is no need for harmful fertilizers or chemicals in this closed-loop system.

However, we are not the only ones to spot the amazing, potential paradigm shift that aquaponics opens up. Amazon & Google are getting in on aquaponics, with Jeff Bezos & Eric Schmidt  pumping $200 million dollars into San Francisco startup “Plenty”. The company plan on using the money to grow two to five acre indoor farms & the company already has a work force of 100 people.

The question must surely be, why are Amazon & Google so keen to pump millions into aquaponics?

Do they realize that years of spraying chemicals & metal particulates into the atmosphere is having a detrimental effect to the soils that it eventually falls on? Is there something else afoot here that we are missing?

One thing for certain is that aquaponics is going to become a big thing, especially when taking into account governmental plans around the world relating to Agenda 21 & sustainability plans. With the growth of mega-cities, it could well be that we are about to see an explosion in vertical gardening.

For all the best information on aquaponics & to find out how you can get started we suggest you check out the work of an Australian gentleman called Murray Hallam. Check out his website HERE!


In other news we cover a story coming out from IBM about a new 50Qb quantum computer that they have under development. Its quite funny how any time IBM, or any other company, string together some quantum bits, its lauded in the media as some game changing invention.

Yet, in reality, nothing that IBM have dreamed of even comes close to the 2048Qb from D-Wave Systems that is commercially available.

IBM quantum computer reports…

Earlier today, IBM announced a 50-quantum bit (qubit) quantum computer, the largest in the industry so far. As revolutionary as this development is, IBM’s 50-qubit machine is still far from a universal quantum computer.


As you can see from the extract above, it is claimed that this is the largest quantum computer available to date. Yet, as we have covered in some depth, the 50 quantum bits of IBM hardly even compares to the latest commercially available unit from Canadian quantum computing company D-Wave Systems, which comes in with 2048 quantum bits!

In the article quoted above, they even make reference to D-Wave, so its not as if the writer is unaware of their breakthroughs in this field.

In January of 2017 we reported that a company called Temporal Defence Systems Inc. had placed an order with D-Wave for the D2000q model, so why is it that companies like IBM continue to pretend they are at the cutting edge of quantum computing when they are playing about with 50 quantum bits in comparison to the over 2000 in D-Wave’s latest machine?

In reality, D-Wave are so far ahead of any other competing quantum computing research that its pointless to even compare. With such an effort made to hype up any quantum computing breakthroughs coming from IBM, intel etc, it becomes obvious that there is something about D-Wave that the general public just aren’t meant to know or see.


Scientists are getting closer to discovering the very elusive Tetraquark particle. Described as the “Holy Grail” in numerous publications, scientists are said to be close to discovering the exotic particle that has been theorized about since the inception of quark science. reports…

Physicists Marek Karliner of Tel Aviv University and Jonathan Rosner of the University of Chicago have confirmed that the strange, massive tetraquark can exist in its purest, truest form: four particles, all interacting with one another inside a single, larger particle, with no barriers keeping them apart. It’s stable, they found, and can likely be generated at the Large Hadron Collider, a particle smasher at the CERN particle physics laboratory in Switzerland, they report in a paper to be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal Physical Review Letters.


During the show, Anthony gets into this new potential discovery & how it could relate to the opening of the portal at CERN, something he has predicted time & time again.

Could the time for that portal to be opened finally be here?

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