BALTIC SEA ANOMALY: Ancient Atlantis Monument or Crashed UFO?


The Baltic Sea anomaly is back in the news! This is one case that has puzzled me ever since I first heard about it back in 2011!

So, lets get into it…..

The Baltic Sea anomaly is a strange structure pictured on sonar by Peter Lindberg, Dennis Asberg and their Swedish “OceanX” diving team while treasure hunting in the Baltic Sea. At the time of its discovery, news of the anomaly went viral as people tried to work out just what was laying on the sea floor. Theories ranged from secret military bases all the way to crashed UFO’s.

Now, the Baltic Sea anomaly is back in the news again. A video on Youtube claims that the anomaly is a monument “built by a highly-advanced civilization, built 14,000 years ago”.

The narrator of the video, said to be produced by AD, says: “The stunning highly controversial… find has finally been identified as a submerged monumental construction from the Palaeolithic era.

“Huge geometric symbols cast into the ancient cement building represent paleo stanford hieroglyphs of the global Atlantean culture.”

The video uses slick CGI images to show what it claims is a mock up of an investigation dive to discover exactly what it was.

The video has been branded a “total hoax” by sceptics online.

The narrater continues to describe various shapes seen on the anomaly.

He adds: “The two metre hole with the square around it forms a sacred boat of ligature.

“The square glyph represents a planet, while the dot represents a numeral, together reading ‘Jupiter the One’.


Let me be the first one to say that I cannot verify the claims made by Youtube channel Archeodoku but we must keep an open mind.


pictured: unidentified object at the bottom of the Swedish sea.

It is interesting to note that the OceanX team reported that strange glitches would occur in their equipment any time they got too close to the object. This could mean a number of things including some geological effect, to ancient alien technology.

Until this is investigated fully & properly, speculation will reign the day as people try to come up with better & better “explainations” to describe the Baltic Sea Anomaly.

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    I have caught many You Tube program show with Anthony Patch as your guest. They are fascinating and sometimes above my head. I have one question. Do you equate scalar energy with orgone energy ? Are they dangerous to mess with? I’m worried about inadvertantly inviting demons instead of the beneficial aspects popularly attributed to these ‘energies’.
    Can you help me out here?

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