Questioning History, Biblical Evidence & Eyes on Damascus!


FREAKY FRIDAY Ep#118 with The Woo Crew & Anthony Patch.

Anthony Patch joined the Woo Crew over on Freaky Friday & prepare for another trip down the rabbit hole! The conversation starts with talk of ancient comet strikes & from there we question history & get into the biblical version of events. 

Operation Gotham Shield is discussed during the show with the guys giving their thoughts on the planned nuclear drills. From there we take a look at Little Kim over in North Korea – are they really the threat? Or should we focus our attention somewhere else?

The main game in the world for some time now is Syria & in particular Damascus. Whether it’s upcoming nuclear drills, or all the war rhetoric playing out around North Korea, never take your eyes off Syria.

A major marker that we are in the end-times will be the overnight destruction of Damascus, just as The Bible predicts. With President Trump having now gone back on his campaign rhetoric of not getting involved in the Syrian civil war (i use that term for lack of a definition for western backed groups invading a country), anything is possible.

Trump has a very cosy relationship with Israeli leader Netenyahu, and it could be argued that the USA is now acting as their proxy!

Aside from its place in prophecy, something that makes Syria so key,  is the oil that is on the Golan Heights. In addition to the resources in the Golan region, there is one of the biggest reserves of natural gas in the Leviathan gas field that sits of Israels coast.

Developers of the Leviathan natural gas field have approved a $3.75 billion investment (FID) in the first phase of the largest energy project in Israel’s history, they said on Thursday.

The reservoir, located 100 km (62 miles) west of Haifa, was discovered in December 2010. Its $3.75 billion budget follows $1 billion that has already been invested in exploration, appraisal and planning activities.

According to a development plan approved by the government in 2016, the project will be completed in less than three years and gas will be available to the Israeli market by the end of 2019.


Russia have no intention of letting Israel or anyone else getting their hands on this, and there are already plans to run pipelines from their, through Syria and beyond.

So, whatever or wherever the media are pointing at, dont take your eyes of Syria!



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