Jerusalem Rising, Bitcoin, Haptic Technology & Inside Gaming




Listen in as Anthony Patch joins Kev Baker for the latest installment in the series that is delving into the deepest recesses of the technology that is set to impact on us all.

This time we open up by discussing the move made by President Trump in which he recognized the Jerusalem as the true capitol city of Israel, a move that is sure to spark violence in the days & weeks ahead in the middle east.

We then go over the latest increase in the value of Bitcoin and give our take on the cryptocurreny that everyone is talking about.

Then we talk about “haptic technology” – this is augmented reality on steroids. We also discuss how gaming has been instrumental in the development and advancements in the field of A.I.

Then to wrap things up we get into bio-printing of LIVING CELLS! This technology has the ability to print skin cells to increase wound healing time, produce new organs ready for transplant & potentially could see the production of artificial synthetic live.


Haptic Technology….

Haptics institute… CLICK HERE!

Bitcoin goes beyond $13k… CLICK HERE!

How gaming is being put forward as a form of treatment for some neurological disorders… CLICK HERE!

Bioprinting… CLICK HERE!

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Kev Baker has set his mark as a professional broadcaster by featuring cutting edge analysis, current events and breaking news. However he does not stop there! Together with his co-hosts Johnny Whistles and Martin Hardy, Kev is joined by a great panel of expert researchers and whistleblowers in the field of space technology, metaphysics, human origins, black operations and international terrorism.

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