Just Johnny Whisltes & I going over some of the stranger stories going around the world, including the return of the Black Eyed Kids, a topic that just never seems to go away.

Just who, or what, are these strange youngsters that are seen around the world? We get into the latest sighting (see story/links below the show video) in which someone set up a camera in order to capture footage of the strange being!

In other strange news we touch on a flying Humanoid that has been reported & we include the listeners thoughts on all of this with the chatroom at TFR exploding with theories and ideas about these subjects.

Interdimensional beings? Aliens? Government experiments? Psy-ops? Or something completely different, you decide!


Daily Mail reports…A paranormal investigator claims to have found evidence of a ‘Black Eyed Kid ghost’ haunting his property.

A US-based YouTube channel called Fantastic Daily has uploaded a video that purports to show the chilling specter staring into a property in the middle of the night.

The ghost hunter set up a laptop with a camera to record his porch and after a few nights he claims to have recorded a video that appears to show the face of a child or teenager staring into his home.

The man who uploaded the video even claimed he reported the incident to the police.

He said he woke up soon after when he heard movement outside his property.


So, what do you think of this footage? Has the Youtuber actually caught footage of a Black Eyed Kid?

Lets just say that the footage is faked & that this one incident MAY be a hoax, im not saying it is, but lets just keep our minds open. However, with hundreds of reports over the years, all it takes is one of these sightings to be genuine for there to be a series issues as to what the hell is going on!

Just where do these children come from? Its not like we see year book photographs with black eyed children in amongst the classmates, so where do they live and go to school?

You see, there is something very, very strange about all of this, and even looking into this subject leaves the reader with an uneasy feeling as they pour through the eyewitness testimony & reports.

What is even weirder is that the “Black Eyed Kids”, or BEK as they are sometimes referred to, seemingly only show up now and again. There doesnt seem to be a steady stream of reports, so why is it they appear in waves?

Remember the creepy clowns that took the world by shock just a few months ago? Well where did they all go? It was as if every day we were getting more and more reports of clowns showing up around the world, to the point that police departments were warning people no to dress as clowns for Halloween, so where on earth did they all just disappear to. Its as if it all abated overnight & no one noticed. Well, these incidents with the BEK are very similar in that way, they just seem to come for a period of time, then they are gone. But where?

Johnny Whistles brings up even more cases of high strangeness on top of the BEK stories.


The city of Monterrey in Mexico has been thrown into a panic after a bizarre story has emerged regarding a police officer being attacked by what has been described as a ‘flying humanoid entity’. The police officer, Leonardo Samaniego from Guadalupe in Mexico was on patrol in his car around the Colonia Valles de la Silla in the city at around 3.15 in the morning.

When Samaniego turned into Alamo Street, he noticed that something was amiss. He says that he saw a huge, black object fall from a tree but that it seemed to stop itself from hitting the ground by levitating. It then slowly touched down to the ground and slowly turned around to face him.

A shocked Officer Samaniego turned on the high beams of his patrol car to investigate. THE ‘ENTITY’ HAD TWO BIG BLACK EYES AND WAS DRESSED ALL IN BLACK WITH A CLOAK LIKE A WITCH The lights appeared to anger the creature which covered its face. Officer Samaniego said that he could see the being quite clearly. He described it as a woman with two big black eyes without eyelids and very dark skin.

He said that the female figure was dressed all in black with a cloak like a witch. After observing him for a few seconds, the creature suddenly burst into a violent rage and leaped upon the hood of the patrol car in an attempt to attack the police officer.

Officer Samaniego attempted to reverse the car and called for back-up. He managed to get away from his attacker and reached the end of the street where he lost consciousness. He was found, unhurt but still unconscious, by officers in two patrol cars and first responders from an ambulance unit. When other officers heard Samaniego’s story, many of them were incredulous.

The officer was asked to undergo several drug tests in order to ensure that he was not under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. All of the tests were negative. He also submitted himself to a psychiatric evaluation at the Hospital Universitario where he was found to be psychologically healthy. In addition to his clean bill of health, the police officer’s story has gained credibility as others have come forward claiming to have seen the bizarre creature around the city.

Two more policemen from the Regia Police have claimed that they saw a flying creature in the sky a few days previously, as have many members of the public.


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