BREAKING! Multiple DEAD & INJURED In Truck Attack In Stockholm


At least 2 people have been killed & many more injured after a truck drove down a pedestrian street in a busy shopping district of Stockholm, before driving into a major department store. The Swedish police are reportedly treating this as a terror attack.

The incident occurred on Drottninggatan (Queen Street), one of the city’s major pedestrian streets, just before 15:00 local time (14:00 GMT).

Witnesses told local media they saw a truck driving into a department store window, and they have seen people on the ground.

“There is total confusion, I do not know how many are injured, many people are totally shocked,” one witness, Leif Arnmar, who was working in the department store, told Swedish national broadcaster SVT.

There are also multiple reports of shooting in various other areas of Stockholm, but this is unconfirmed & we have seen similar reports in the past after similar vehicle attacks around Europe.

There are reports that the truck used belonged to a drinks company and was at the centre of a car-jacking earlier today.

At the time of writing this, Sky News are reporting that one arrest has been made so far. Below is an image of the attacker being arrested…


Russia Today reports….

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven says that all details indicate the incident was a “terrorist attack.” The suspect has been detained, he told a news conference.

Police have confirmed that three people have been killed and many injured.

A vehicle has injured people on Drottningatan,” police spokeswoman Towe Hagg told Reuters.

A reporter for Sveriges Radio says he has seen at least three dead people. Public service radio EKOT has also reported that three people were killed in the incident.


The Stockholm subway is on lockdown, as is the Swedish Parliment & Sky News are hearing that there is an evacuation under way at the main train station in the city.

Sweden, in recent years, has accepted thousands of Muslims, as have most of the countries in Europe. This has given rise to no-go areas similar to those seen in Molenbeek, Belgium. Malmo, a once quite Swedish city, has seen crime explode since the arrival of these Muslims, many of which have arrived from the middle east.

One previous terror attack in 2010 resulted in one death, that of the terrorist himself.

There are reports that up to 300 Swedish citizens have travelled to Syria to fight for the Islamic State. In the hours that follow we will find out if this is someone that was known to security services or not, and my money is on him already being on their radar.

It is far too early in the day for me to determine whether or not this may be some intelligence services “false flag” operation or not, as the details are only still starting to emerge. What we do know from previous attacks & broken up plots from around the world is that more times than not, the suspect or suspects, are already known to security services & police.

This begs the question of whether these attacks are allowed to happen or if the security services are just totally inept. Perhaps its a combination of the two!

No doubt there will be many already claiming that this is either “fake” or in some way “orchestrated” by the security services. However, ive learned over time that it is best to step back and just examine all the various evidence as it emerges to gain a better picture of just what has occurred.

Watch for the Swedish government now using this to take more rights away from the Swedish people & to push through any new terror or police state legislation that may be waiting in the wings.

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