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Welcome back to all you great people who listen to the show! In last nights show with my good friend Scott Lopez, we covered several topics including remains of Buddha being unearthed. Turns out Buddha was a lot like us – a seeker of truth.

Then we get into an ancient skull from China & we discussed whether there is a case to be made for ancient alien visitation/intervention in Asia. This skull may cause us to rewrite the origins of our species. To add to the evidence of possible alien visitation we talk about the massive pyramids that exist in China, just like we see in Egypt & South America. Could it be that the pyramid structures around the world were outposts for some advance alien race?

The Great Pyramid Of China

Are the Pyramid of China among the largest on the planet? According to many, one of the Pyramids –kept a secret for years—in China is so large that the Great Pyramid of Giza seems like a miniature monument.

The story of the Chinese pyramid began at the end of the Second World War when American pilot James Gaussman was about to complete a resupply mission to the forces of the Chinese Army.

Suddenly, a fault in the aircraft engine forced him to return to the Assam base located in northern India, for safety reasons, he decided to fly at a lower altitude.

Shortly after flying over the city of Xi’an, heading southwest, the pilot encountered what looked like a gigantic pyramid.

Surprised, after making several passes over the humongous structure, he decided to take a number of photographs, which later included a detailed report which were handed to his superiors as soon as he returned to base.

The incident was forgotten among the files of the US Air Force until 40 years later, the ‘Great Pyramid of China’ was brought back to light through the work of Australian writer Brian Crowley, who published one of the photographs of the Pyramid in his book.


Scott then talks about the Chinese emperor that had rivers of mercury running through his tomb. The mercury is interesting as it has also turned up at some of the south American pyramids/temples.

An archaeologist has discovered liquid mercury at the end of a tunnel beneath a Mexican pyramid, a finding that could suggest the existence of a king’s tomb or a ritual chamber far below one of the most ancient cities of the Americas.

Mexican researcher Sergio Gómez announced on Friday that he had discovered “large quantities” of liquid mercury in a chamber below the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, the third largest pyramid of Teotihuacan, the ruined city in central Mexico.


Since mercury comes up in the conversation, we conjecture that the infamous Nazi Bell may have some form of ancient technology that the Germans uncovered on one of their many expeditions to retrieve ancient technology. It could be that the emperor in China & the temple in south America were using the mercury as a reminder of the “gods” that once visited there.

Whether or not China was visited by ancient aliens is up for debate, but one thing the Chinese are determined to be a part of is FIRST CONTACT! They have one of the worlds largest radio telescopes dedicated to searching for alien life and/or communications.

The search for alien life just got bigger. A lot bigger.

The world’s largest telescope will be completed this week in China and it has scientists very, very excited.

With a whopping 1,640 feet (500 meter) wide dish the size of 30 football fields, the telescope will able to detect radio signals — and potentially signs of life — from distant planets.

“China’s latest telescope will be able to look faster and further than past searches for extraterrestrial intelligence,” says Douglas Vakoch, president of METI International, an organization dedicated to detecting alien intelligence



In other news covered we talk about scientists finally coming up with an explanation for strange sounds heard coming from our upper atmosphere/space. It turns out that the sounds are produced by plasma hitting our electromagnetic field.

Yet another clue that space is far from the empty vacuum that we are lead to believe. Any one say “electric universe”? Check out the work of the Thunderbolts project for more information on the Electric Universe.

We get into several other topics throughout yet another thought provoking broadcast.

We hope the show gives you lots to think about & the one thing that we know for sure is that in reality, we know very little at all.

Thank you for your time.

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