California Fires, Earth Changes & Quantum Mind Control




Anthony Patch, Kev Baker & Johnny Whistles discuss the recent fires in California, water disappearing from the Mississippi & mind control at the quantum level.


Welcome back & in this episode we open up by discussing the horrendous scenes coming out of California where wild fires continue to rage.

The has been some discussion online as to the cause of these fires. Some have suggested they have been caused deliberately by a form of directed energy weapon. Anthony explains the fires calling up his own personal experience while working as a first responder in Oakland.

We also mention a Youtuber by the channel name blancolirio, that has been reporting on the fires and I include the video below.

From there we move on to news of a 120 mile stretch of the Mississippi that is losing water. Has a crack formed in the bottom of the Mississippi River leaking water down into the New Madrid Fault?

We talk about the weight of the water and the potential for a rebound event as that weight is removed from the surface. Anthony references Youtuber MrMBB33

Anthony Spends the majority of the second half of the show discussing modern day mind control taking place at the quantum level. This is something we have exposed in previous episodes & if you haven’t heard that information we urge you to check my Youtube channel to catch up. This time Anthony takes it even deeper referring to recent articles he has published in Entangled Magazine (click image of the most recent edition below to check it out).

Then in the final part of the show Johnny Whistles takes the lead and talks about a recent article from the Daily Mail about uploading our brains to computers. Can we cheat death by going digital?

Finally, Johnny talks about another Daily Mail article about the potential for altering the DNA of astronauts, or MARSonauts, to negate the dangers of cosmic radiation. This is something what was discussed by the bioengineer Craig Venter in the past. He put forward the novel idea that instead of altering the DNA of astronauts, it would be necessary to digitise DNA that would be synthesised once on the surface of Mars using bioprinters.


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