Last night on The Kev Baker Show we were joined by my good friend and fellow host on the TFR network, Anthony Patch. We caught up on a number of CERN & quantum computing related topics & we will expand on these during the Anthony Patch Show on Friday from 10pm UK, 6pm EST or 3pm PST on Truth Frequency Radio.

We open up by touching on the restart of CERN & what is occurring now & in the coming weeks at the LHC over in Geneva, Switzerland. We debunk the claims that are circulating on Youtube that CERN is already smashing particles in the 2017 run & causing earthquakes.

The listeners had requested that we ask Anthony about these Mandela Effects that everyone seems to be experiencing, be it in the movies or the bible or just about anywhere, people are remembering things differently, but why?

What is more likely, that every single bible in the world has had its print altered in some way, shape or form so that texts in the bible read differently from what they originally did? Or that our perception, or memories, of particular texts or events has altered in some way? Anthony addresses the issues & when talking about this PSY-OP he describes it as quantum pollution as we have discussed in previous shows.

The AWAKE experiment is set to kick-off this month & we go over the differences between this new accelerator and the ring based one employed by CERN currently.

And finally, we cant talk about any of the above topics without factoring in one of the biggest pieces of this puzzle – the D-Wave quantum computer and the strange quantum effects that they take advantage of. Our own brains are quantum computers, and the team at D-Wave Systems are creating a artificial brain in which all 7 billion of us are represented as “nodes” in their virtual mirror of the real world, with all of our data feeding it real time to the point where it has predictive powers.

The question is, can they entangle our organic quantum bits that reside in our mind, with that of those lying out of site in the black cube of D-Wave?

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