If the universe shouldn’t exist, but does, then what does that actually mean?

CERN Scientists have concluded that the universe shouldn’t exist. The claim has been made due to observations discovering a complete symmetry between matter & antimatter, meaning the universe should have annihilated itself the instant it came into being.

It is predicted in the standard model that the “Big Bang” should have produced equal amounts of matter & antimatter, again, suggesting that there should have been a very combustible mix that would have cancelled itself out. The findings from CERN appear to confirm that theory.

Perhaps its just me, but this is the biggest hint yet that the standard model, that includes the much talked about Big Bang, is wrong! 

Isnt it logical to think that if you have a theory about the universe that contradicts the very existence of that universe, then perhaps the theory itself could be wrong?

The top physicists that the world have to offer are working at CERN, yet they refuse to open their minds, or dare to open their mouths, to the fact that the standard model is just plain wrong.

Science is determined to stick with the standard model & the big bang theory, and to hell with anything or anyone that contradicts is. No matter how ridiculous their claims get, they still push forward and present the information despite how contradictory it is to their much hallowed standard model.

It would appear as if the top scientists in the world have taken a line out the Nazi playbook when it comes to the art of lying. Its said that Adolf Hitler himself said…

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

The truth is that space is far from the vacuum that the white-coated priests & priestesses of science would love us to believe. It is in fact teeming with particles & is in fact an electrically charged universe. Dont take my word for it & check out the Thunderbolts website to reach your own conclusions.


For some time now, Anthony Patch & I have talked about CERN & quantum computing company D-Wave Systems in the same breath. We have often pointed out the connection between these two companies & now we have a public admission of that fact. reports that CERN have teamed up with D-Wave to find out if quantum computers can provide the next big leap forward in particle physics.

In a proof-of-principle study, a team of physicists has been using a quantum circuit to sift through mountains of data from experiments involving particle smashing — like the experiments that led to the observation and formal discovery of the Higgs boson particle. In fact, because it is both a recent and major discovery, the team used the Higgs boson observation as testing grounds for this machine built by quantum-computing company D-Wave. The general idea was that, because of this increased ability to consume and sort data, they could more easily “find” the Higgs boson. That said, the method proved to be on par with conventional methods, rather than more efficient.


We can now see that CERN & D-Wave are most certainly working together. The article states that the quantum computer is actually on a par with the current supercomputers that currently goes over all the amassed data from physics runs at the LHC, but given time i expect the D-Wave & its A.I. will be finding new particles that us humans havent even theorised yet.

The fact that the A.I. isn’t yet surpassing current methods is all part of the self-learning process. We have discussed in the past how recurrent neural networks work & how over the course of time the A.I. develops a knowledge of the given subject that leads to discoveries that the human mind hasnt even thought of yet. Give it a couple of months and we will hear about the first particle discovered using A.I., that is my not-so-bold prediction.

When that happens, we can truly say we have passed the singularity, that moment when machines surpass human intelligence. At that point humans will have little to offer worlds of science, art, music, literature, invention & so much more, as the A.I. takes over the role of creative thinking.

Some ask when will we hit the singularity? I would say that if you are still wondering “when”, then you haven’t been paying attention.




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