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D-Wave’s Geordie Rose cites Kev and Anthony’s research on the Mandela Effect. D-Wave’s use of Necromancy and Geordie’s Kindred AI robotics company. We explain the inner spiritual workings of dangerous phone apps employing necromancy.

Tony calls out Geordie Rose, and his ilk using necromancy and pray for the salvation of their souls. Announcing my Livestream forum, Sept. 16 & 17 on Spiritual Warfare and the Bible.


Oh look, who is that in the background?

One of the founders of D-Wave Systems, Geordie Rose, recently gave a talk at TechVancouver & cited the research of Anthony Patch whilst addressing the “conspiracy theory” linking D-Wave’s quantum computers to the Mandela Effect.

This is the biggest confirmation to date that we are right on target with the information regarding quantum computers. Geordie Rose wasn’t even there to talk about D-Wave, yet out of all the talking points he had to choose from, such as the unrivalled processing power or the quantum effects it manipulates, he chose to bring up our Freaky Friday with Anthony Patch? Really?

Here is the clip of Geordie Rose at TechVancouver…

Towards they end you hear Rose laughing at something called “The Quantum Key To The Abyss”. Well, for those who dont know, here is what he was referring to!

Geordie Rose has now moved on to his latest venture, KINDRED A.I., a company that want to produce machines with “human-level intelligence”.

Kindred AI are a company I briefly covered last year when they first started appearing in the press.

Rise Of The Quantum “Kindred” A.I. Robots!

The idea behind KINDRED A.I. is that if we are ever to see machines that think like us, then they have to experience the world around them as closely matched as possible to how we as humans do it.

Think of a young child with no idea about the world. Over time they learn using their senses to build a better picture of the 3D world around them. Children learn by observing, listening, touching & even smelling, all the data from which goes to making better models of the “real world” in the their brains. Learning to walk also teaches the child a lot about the world in which they live.

Well, Geordie Rose & Suzanne Gilbert (also formerly of D-Wave Sys), founders of KINDRED A.I., believe that if we are ever to see a machine that truly thinks like a human, they have mimic as closely as they can, the way that humans develop from infancy into childhood, for consciousness is merely a side-effect of everything else that goes on in a humans mind.

Hey, dont shout at me, this is their idea, im merely the messenger!

Gildert, a physicist who conceived Kindred in 2013 while working with Rose at quantum computing company D-Wave, thinks giving AI a physical body is the only way to make real progress toward a true thinking machine. “If you want to build intelligence that conceptually thinks in the same way a human does… it needs to have a similar sensory motor as humans do,” Gildert says. The trick to achieving this, she thinks, is to train robots by having them collaborate with humans in the physical world. Rose, who co-founded D-Wave in 1999, stepped back from his role as chief technology officer to work on Kindred with Gildert.


Although i do see where they are coming from, i dont think this will lead to “consciousness” being attained by their “machines”. For me, consciousness as we know it, requires a real brain. No matter how closely they recreate our brains with their warm & wet qubits, it will never recieve the divine spark we call consciousness.

Its important to note that KINDRED are working on an Artificial General Intelligence, as opposed to the very narrow, or specific, types we see deployed on our smart phones in the form of Siri, or with Alexa in peoples homes. This is the type of A.I. that has the likes of Elon Musk so worried & with KINDRED looking to deploy it in robots out in the real world, well, this is where the potential problem lies.

A.I. does pose us an existential threat whether people like Mark Zuckerberg want to admit it or not. Just recently Facebook AI Chatbots developed their own language leading the scientists to pull the plug on it. Imagine the KINDRED AI develops the ability to lock out its owners/creators. Its not hard to imagine that leading to a full on Terminator-like scenario.


Forget Ouija boards & other, now outdated, forms of magic when it comes to communicating with spirits. There are now apps that allow users to communicate with dead relatives or friends. No, im not making this up!

Learn all about what we have to say about the “chatbots” on The Anthony Patch Show (episode at the top of this article) & you can check out Entangled E-magazine for more an even more in-depth break down of the video above & what it all means.



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