Collective Consciousness & The War On The NWO


Welcome back to The Kev Baker Show and wow! Just WOW!! What a show we have in store for you right here. Last night we were joined by the brilliant Sonya Van Gelder from all the way in Australia. Sonya joined us to talk about her recent research that has seen her move from the study of the ancient world into the darker side of the cabal that has ruled from ancient times until now.

Sonya van Gelder is an independent researcher, author and truth-seeker. Growing up in Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Sonya gained a keen interest in the varied cultures of the indigenous peoples worldwide, and has since undertaken over 20 years of personal research into ancient mysteries and esoteric teachings.

While Sonya’s work as a children’s rights activist is a departure from her focus on ancient mysteries, she is a passionate advocate of children’s rights who feels driven to use her skills as a researcher and writer to help break down the walls of institutionalized abuses, and bring justice and security to our society’s most vulnerable.

The following is an extract from one of her articles that this show centres around…..

With so much information coming to light over the past few months regarding the Elites hold on humanity,  and their push for World Dominance (NWO), it is necessary to expand on a recent article regarding the Collective Consciousness and Satanic Ritual Abuse.   This article is intended to bring together Spirituality, Science and Religion using scientific facts, ancient wisdom  and personal insights into Universal Lore which are the building blocks to our existence and well known to the ancients.


Until you understand these Laws and how they interplay to create Lore, you will forever be unwittingly playing along in someone else’s game. This is the knowledge that has been either lost or deliberately hidden from us. The consequences of the choices we make can cycle throughout eternity until we bring them into balance.The basis for the rules of LORE, are the Universal Laws of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, cause & effect, transmutation, polarity, rhythm and relativity.

As mentioned previously, the Crystalline (Crystos/Christ) Grid is an energetic lattice that covers our planet. It reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of ‘Collective Consciousness‘ also known as ‘Christ / Unity Consciousness’, that lies in the ionosphere grid around the planet. This is an energy grid mirrored 60 miles above the songlines/leylines on earth – ‘As Above, So Below’. CrystallineEarthgrid1

There is not one, but three grid templates surrounding our planet effecting human life. The three are separate, yet intricately related. The three become the one. The grids have separate functions relating individually to: (1) planetary gravitational field, (2) telluric electromagnetics, and (3) crystalline consciousness.

EarthgridAll three grids are connected from the Earth’s core, the planetary surface (ley lines) and finally the ionospheric crystaline grid.  Information/vibration is shared between the Earth its inhabitants and the Collective Grid which also receives interdimensional information from outer planetary sources.
The concept of planetary grids is not a new one, in 1973 it was announced in the science Journal of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the discovery of a Geometric Grid pattern which spans the globe.  It was also taught by the famous Greek philosophers Plato and Pythagoras over 2500 years ago. Science is three dimensional, yet there is another energy present which is seemingly hidden because it is multi dimensional. A good example is ‘Gravity’, it can be studied and measured, yet it remains unseen.

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Below is the first time Sonya appeared on our show and we are sure she will be coming back to share yet more information with all of us on The Kev Baker Show

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  1. Namaskar, The Cabal do understand how to generate their Negative/ Fear/ Dark Energies. Now, what about the Light Loving Humanity do to Generate Positive/ Love/ Light Energies ? I propose we Sing the Song/Vibration of Light, to Generate Light Vibration. Better yet, use Sanskrit slogan such as ” Baba Nam Kevalam”, which means Only The Personal Divine Love. BNK = abbreviation for: Only The Divine Love.

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