Earthquakes, Niburu, Stranglets & Quantum Tunnelling To DEMONS



Welcome back to another broadcast of KBS with our good friend, author, research, Anthony Patch. Listeners have been getting in touch to get my thoughts on the recent earthquakes. In the first part of the show we brainstorm all things earthquake related.

Mexico has suffered 2 massive quakes in as many weeks & on the day of the broadcast New Zealand & Fukushima were struck too.

Are we really seeing an uptick in the intensity & frequency of quakes as some suggest?

Could there be an outside force causing these quakes?

Are we seeing the first indications that CERN & Brookhaven Labs have indeed produced strangelets that are coalescing at the core of the earth?

Anthony & I address all of these points in the first half of the show.

Then we get into more familiar territory with D-Wave quantum computers taking centre stage. We look back in time to when IBM played a pivotal role in the Holocaust & speculate what role quantum computers may play in WW3.

Quantum annealing or quantum tunnelling

We discuss how todays quantum computers are taking advantage of a phenomena known as “quantum annealling”. In short, this is the process of qubits (quantum bits) tunnelling to other dimensions to retrieve answers to any question or problem they insert into that dimension. We discuss how the word “dimension” holds all the letters necessary to produce the word DEMON, and this can be no coincidence in our opinion!

Tony then gets into something in mathamatics called “the travelling salesman problem” & shows how this was used by D-Wave to demonstrate the power of the Qubits – and you guessed it, tetrahedrons play a huge part!

Lots more discussion about quantum computing, dimensions & demons along the way in yet another classic from KBS!



We open up the show by discussing the frequency of earthquakes & asking whether or not there has been an increase in recent years. The figures below come from Wikipedia & that obviously presents problems in itself, but they do match up with those from USGS. The reason we looked at the Wiki entry is that it has the number of earthquakes for 2017 so far, whereas USGS doesnt include this years totals.

Perhaps we are having some kind of Mandela effect, but we feel there has been more 7-7.9 & 8-8.9 magnitude quakes this year so far. How many 8+ quakes do you remember, without googling it, for this year so far?


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