Musk Joins Fellow Tech Gurus Warning UN Against KILLER ROBOTS & AI



Yet again, Elon Musk, along with many other tech chiefs, are warning against the rise of robots claiming it will lead to the “third revolution in warfare”. The warning comes in a letter from the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Sky News reports….

Billionaire Elon Musk has added his voice to more than 100 tech leaders in a letter to the United Nations warning that “killer robots” could become weapons of terror.

Urging the UN to take action, 116 artificial intelligence leaders and robotics companies from across 26 countries signed the open letter.

Launching the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), the tech founders state: “Lethal autonomous weapons threaten to become the third revolution in warfare.”


The memo urges the UN to take action & even ban the development of such “killer robots”. The memo also states that these types of killer robots should be added to a list of “morally wrong weapons” that included chemical & biological weapons.

Interestingly, the tech giants that put the memo together, aptly chose to use Greek mythology & the talk of Pandora’s box to illustrate the issue, claiming…

“We do not have long to act. Once this Pandora’s box is opened, it will be hard to close.”

One might look at this warning issued to the UN & applaud the actions of those that narrated it. However, these leaders from the world of tech & are sounding the alarm, are the very same people that are driving the robotic & A.I. revolutions today!

So, just what is going on here?

Firstly, as i say in the video supporting this article, i believe the genie is already out of the bottle on this one.

The “killer robots” are already here, if not deployed for action yet. In an article that appeared in the New York Post it is predicted by a top UK security analyst that the US military will more robots on the battlefield than humans.

Check out the video below of a robot under development in South Korea called the METHOD-2. Tell me, does this look like its going to be patrolling the local shopping centre and giving people directions?

Even Elon Musk himself is very much at the forefront of the robotic revolution with his Tesla factory dominated by the machines. There are discussions underway at governmental level in numerous countries dealing with the fast approaching robot revolution that will see so many people losing their jobs to the cheaper, more effective, machine replacements.

The robots are already here & if we are seeing them in the commercial market, we can only dare to imagine what kind of killing machines the military have been working on for years.

In addition to the robots, Artificial Intelligence, is also a technology that can be stopped.

Recently, Facebook had to pull the plug on its chat-bots after they developed a language of their own. They found a more effective way to communicate & not ever the programmers that created the algorithms could work out what they were trying to say.

AI now has the ability to identify & patch vulnerabilities in any system & thus has the ability, theoretically, of preventing its creators from activating any kind of fail safes built into the system. In fact, if the AI recognises that fail safes or kill switches exist, it will deem this a threat to it achieving whatever objective it sets out with & use deceptive techniques to preserve itself.

Elon Mush, again, very involved with & influential in the world of Artificial Intelligence with his company OpenAI. In recent weeks OpenAI managed to beat one of the worlds best professional DOTA 2 players, a fete previously thought impossible with a machine. What makes this even more mind blowing is that the AI only started learning what DOTA 2 was two weeks prior to its victory!

So, why is it then that Musk & other are so public about their warnings against these technologies that in reality are already here?


All of these warnings, and the way that the main stream hype them, is all for a purpose. They are purposely hyping the threat, which is most certainly real, to make sure people know, or think, we are facing a serious PROBLEM.

What will happen when people hear these constant warnings? There will be a REACTION, and rightly so, but beware, because here in lies the trap. The people quite rightly start to demand something is done about whatever the perceived problem is & it just so happens that the governments, or in this case, corporations & tech billionaires, just happen to have the perfect SOLUTION!

The solution, as offered by Mr Musk in the past, would be for us humans to somehow integrate into the AI/robotic reality and provide a human layer in the chain of command. They sell this to us by saying that this way the AI will have an appreciation for our emotions, our feelings & dare I say it, what it means to be human. All selling points for the unwitting masses.

Musk already owns a company called Neuralink & he sees us having to take something called the “Neural Lace” to act as an interface between man & machine.

I hate to pick on Elon Musk but it would appear he is the man the elites are putting forward to take us into this new age of technology. He & the other signatories are the very same people that will offer to solve the problems they themselves are contributing too.

Strict government regulation will no doubt soon be in the offing & at that point, when these companies have the “regulators” in house, the masses will go back to sleep & believe there is nothing to worry about because their government loves them, right!


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