People Power Trumps The Evil Satanic Elite with Christopher Everard


We are living at a time when there is a mass global awakening occurring around the globe. The election of Trump & the recent defeat and resignation of the Italian Prime Minister are symptomatic of the changes taking place right now. Christopher Everard joins The Kev Baker Show to discuss this & the people power movement that is shaking the elite satanic cabal to its foundations, with even the EU on its knees!

Make no mistake, the fight is just beginning as we attempt to wrestle back our destiny from a cabal & system that has been in place since ancient times. We go over the latest attempts to fight back against the truth by discussing the “fake news” topic that is being used to try and shut down anyone not under the control of the same evil cabal.

Christopher Everard shares his extensive research into who these people are & just what their overall agenda is. From the disgusting depths of #pizzagate to the sacrificial ritual killing of Princess Diana, we connect several dots from across the ages to paint a picture of where we are today.

Yes, we face a true evil of enormous proportions, but we are starting to fight back. Further more, we are starting to win!



Chris Everard is a British author and film director.  His first book was published by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin company in 1985.

British author and film director CHRIS EVERARD

British author and film director CHRIS EVERARD

Chris worked as a music producer and engineer and has written more than a 1,000 articles about broadcast technology – eventually forming his own television station in 1996 which began broadcasting in London in 1999.

Chris makes documentaries about Extraterrestrial Space research, Crop Circles, Secret Societies, ancient Religions such as Buddhism, and has won several film festival awards for his series of films exposing the Secret Space projects of NASA and the Russian Soviet-KGB moonshots. His digital books for iPad and Android have sold more than 330,000 copies into 90+ countries.




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