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Facebook users in Australia are being asked to upload naked images of themselves in order to protect them from anyone attempting to post “revenge porn”.

Wired reports…

Networks such as Facebook and Instagram unwittingly play a major role in distributing such images. But maybe that’s about to change. In a limited trial, Facebook has partnered with Australia’s eSafety Commissioner to let people upload nude images of themselves to Messenger so they can be preemptively hashed. Similar trials will soon launch in Canada, the UK and the USA.

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The question is, would you trust Facebook with you naked images?

Revenge porn has been a growing problem in recent years with the rise of social media and the internet in general. Images taken by people when they are in an intimate relationship end up being posted online in a sick act of revenge when things turn sour.

Personally, i think the only way to protect against such things is to think twice about indulging in sharing your intimate images with anyone at all.

Wired reports that users are being asked to upload their naked image to their own messenger & authorities will then notify Facebook. Did you catch that – authorities will tell FB, meaning that these same authorities are looking at every message we send on there in the first place. Talk about an open wiretap!

Facebook, in their terms & conditions, state that any image uploaded to the site or via messenger becomes their property, with them retaining the copyright. I wonder how long it will be before someone finds their images on porn sites not from revenge porn, but from Facebook themselves!

Sure, Facebook can claim they dont retain any images of this nature & digitally fingerprint them in the same way that YouTube has content matching to prevent copyrighted images or audio being uploaded, but do you really trust Zuckerberg and his cronies?

Digital images can be manipulated in many ways to get round the content matching system, so whats to stop someone flipping an image, or adding something to it, that in turn will change the metadata/digital fingerprint?

Perhaps Facebook should get their own house in order before anyone considers taking this option to protect themselves. Many pedophile groups exist on Facebook, with the website taking little or no action against the perpetrators, so one must question the motives behind this move.

Revenge porn victims are mostly teenagers, so are you comfortable knowing your teenage son or daughter is uploading revealing images of themselves to Facebook?

Like I said earlier, the only way to protect against this kind of thing is not to participate in the sending of explicit images of yourself, no matter how much you love or trust the recipient, in the first place.

Maybe im in the minority that finds this utterly ridiculous, disgusting & open to abuse – in this day and age, nothing would surprise me anymore.






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