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Whilst looking through the news ahead of tonight’s shows with Anthony Patch & Freaky Friday on Truth Frequency Radio I came across some stories that i think need some further coverage & ties in with everything we cover on both shows.

For some time now we have had to hear all about something called “fake news”. This started to be come to the fore during the recent US elections and its not going away.

In reality, when you hear the term “fake news”, its usually being used by the main stream in an attempt to stop people looking at anything contrary to theirs, or the official, narrative. Its the new way of saying “conspiracy theory”, a term created and popularised by the intelligence services to paint anything they deemed necessary in a negative light.

So, imagine my surprise, and delight, today, when i come across news that fake news, or TRUTH as i prefer to call it, has the elites so worried that they are now looking into deploying quantum computers against us in the fight back.

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Google hopes to improve by better surfacing authoritative content and enlisting feedback about suggested searches and Featured Snippets answers. To do this they are launching something called Project Owl.

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Google knows it has a search quality problem. It’s been plagued since November with concerns about fake news, disturbing answers and offensive search suggestions appearing at the top of its results. “Project Owl” is an effort by the company to address these issues, with three specific actions being announced today.

In particular, Google is launching:
  • a new feedback form for search suggestions, plus formal policies about why suggestions might be removed.
  • a new feedback form for “Featured Snippets” answers.
  • a new emphasis on authoritative content to improve search quality.

We’ll get into the particulars of each of those items below. First, some background on the issue they aim to fix.

Project Owl & problematic content

Project Owl is Google’s internal name for its endeavor to fight back on problematic searches. The owl name was picked for no specific reason, Google said. However, the idea of an owl as a symbol for wisdom is appropriate. Google’s effort seeks to bring some wisdom back into areas where it is sorely needed.

SOURCE….. Google’s ‘Project Owl’ — a three-pronged attack on fake news & problematic content


Furthermore, Youtube (owned by Google), Facebook & over video sharing websites are set to go after violent and hateful content on their sites. To do this they are set to utilise artificial intelligence, via deep learning & neural networks, to identify & remove any harmful content the moment it is uploaded.

Sounds great, because who in their right mind wants to watch these terrible acts mentioned above. However, we must be mindful of the fact that along with murders, terror videos & anything else they decide to ban, comes fake news.

Fake news & alternative media are looked upon in a similar light to ISIS terrorists when it comes to the censors. So, whenever you read about them banning something, always step back and think bigger, as there is usually other agendas at play.

Google are one of the companies that actually have a D-Wave quantum computer on their campus. Its this D-Wave quantum computer that will be tasked with searching the net and removing content real time. To do this, “deep learning” will be employed, and this is what its all about when it comes to D-Wave quanutum computing. Deep learning is an attempt to literally mimic the quantum processes that occur within our brains.

Big “Easy” Eric Ladizinsky, one of the brains behind D-Wave & quantum computing, literally built his quantum computer by looking at how the brain works out quantum computations. For to create a truly artificially intelligent machine that they hope one day can attain consciousness, they literally copied the one brilliant working model found in nature – our brains.

Within the neurons in our brains are structures called microtubules, and they consist of over 65000 Tubulin Dimers. Tubulin dimers come in pairs and if we think of them in terms of computing, we could say they represent the 1 and the 0 of binary code used in classical computers. However, these tubulin dimers are miraculous things, for they are able to go “quantum”.

Our quantum minds

Not only are they 1s & 0s as we see in binary code, but they are also able to achieve something called “Superposition” – its both a 1 and a 0 at the same time. See the diagram below and the area where a-tubulin and b-tubulin meet is where the quantum effects occur.

It is these quantum effects that scientists believe give birth to consciousness. This is why, in my opinion, Eric Ladizinsky of D-Wave, spent time learning all about how our brains achieve the same goal as he desires – consciousness.

D-Wave are literally building an artificial brain when it comes to their quantum computers. It makes sense when you think about it. If you want to build something new, and artificial improvement on what already exists, and there is already an working model in nature, its obvious you are going to look at how it all works.


So, where am i going with all of this?

Well, as opposed to being doom and gloom about the fact we are facing a fight to get our information and truth out there to the masses, just think of what else this means.

Our hard work in trying to fight the main stream media’s lies have now seen the elites taking to deploying the worlds most powerful computers up against us in a direct battle. That is just how effective we have become and its emblematic of just how scared those we are up against are!

Google wouldnt be spending the time & money on Project Owl & looking to use quantum computers in the fight against “fake news” if we were not having a big impact.

So take heart from the knowledge that when you are posting truth on the internet, you are going up against the most artificially intelligent machine on the planet!


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