The Satanic Side Of Gang Stalking with Dr Eric Karlstrom



Dr Eric Karlstrom is back on the show to discuss the satanic element of the gang stalking as a continuation of our series into the topic of targeted individuals & mass mind control.

We talk about the satanic aspects of 9/11 & get into why there is a satanic aspect to everything we are covering during our series of shows on the subject.

Dr Karlstrom will be back on the show in the coming weeks to continue our series in the hope that we can help others out there whom may be affected.




Dr. Eric Karlstrom, emeritus Professor of Geography, California State University, Stanislaus, recently completed a 30-year teaching career. He taught physical and environmental geography courses, as well as courses cross-listed with the Geology department and an honors course. Throughout his career, Dr. Karlstrom has continued his research program in soils and geomorphology as means of reconstructing Quaternary paleoclimates. He is also the author or co-author of many earth science publications.


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  1. Listened to your Gang Stalking Kev Baker Show with Dr Eric Karlstrom anti-Semetic blame it on the Jews, Rabbi’s and Kabbalah, Israel etc portion featured when you finally reached the satanic part. As a female and Jewish survivor of gang stalking noted is for the most part it was headed by white men who are part of the problem, never solution and for sure when it comes to the defense of their own women and children – never do.,,,,,thanks to USA military, scientific, corporate Policies and deception (worse then Russian KGB Oppression) pile of white guys, boss to immigrated others perhaps rather then pointing the finger of blame against others (same old anti-Antisemitism stuff, ho hum, like Jews don;t know) perhaps you can point your finger at you and question what to do to become better. In the Planet of the Apes scheme of things noting white men lack morality, integrity and for sure backbone ran the fastest the other way when I stood alone against groups in battle, the saying of Those who know don’t speak and those who speak don’t know – your talk, talk, talk, minus action (as swell as education is) unless done has lead to this state from the get go – none of which came from the Jews, faulted for protecting their own, following racist wipe out, alive and on going as is proof from your radio show.

  2. Patrick Flaherty on

    Eric, help me please. I’m running out of options and I need help before I do something drastic.

    I’ve sent this to all agencies.

    First Name: Patrick

    Last Name: Flaherty


    Subject/Message: Today call nsa twice was hung up on once. Left another message for help

    Call fbi was told it’s not in their jurisdiction and hung up on when I mentioned remote neural monitoring

    Called pentagon was given another number when I mentioned remote neural monitoring I was hung up on.

    Called cia when asking about my son being a vet with knowledge of remote neural monitoring I was hung up on

    Running out of options. Need a way to make a big enough impact to garner attention for relief from NSA electronic harassment. Including smelling things not around my environment and nerve pain and electric shocks in various locations on my body and hearing familiar voices that I know aren’t involved not to mention voices of men telling me they are goin to kill me or that my son died of an overdose or that my dads valve replacement failed and he’s dead at a local emergency room but not saying which one. Accessing my electronics including phone and computer and erasing hard drives remotely using elf radiation to communicate and carry out input and output data. Leading me to believe my wife is having affairs or is working as a prostitution to support her gambling habit. Pixelated dvr recordings of my security cameras possibly affected via microwaves. Interception of pics sent from my wife’s phone directly to me with obvious signs of photo shopping validated when loooking through meta data. Encouraging me to committ acts of violence in order to gain relief from the harassment.

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