How & Why Gang Stalking Works w/Dr Eric Karlstrom



“Gang stalking and related psychological attacks are designed to surround, isolate, and eventually destroy its victim. … the gang stalkers’ routines may develop slow over a period of months or years. The gang stalkers’ intent is to completely surround the victim, cutting him off from friends, family, and other support systems. Eventually the victim’s 24-hour daily routine is monitored and manipulated by gang stalkers and other covert operatives. The psychological attack eventually overwhelms the emotions of the victim. He becomes mentally unbalanced. His emotional reserves are depleted and he is isolated from any support systems that can bolster him. … he will eventually react to these relentless psychological attacks in a way that results in incarceration, homelessness, suicide, or death. (From Chapter 10 in the book, “Bad Experiments;” Why Gang Stalking Works:”)

And there, above, is how & why this works, but as always, we need to go far deeper to get the full story.

In the latest in our series of shows with Dr Eric Karlstrom, we continue to go deeper into the topics of gang stalking, targeted individuals & 21st century mind control. 

Taken from Dr. Karlstrom’s show notes…


First, it is the global application of CIA’s MKULTRA mind control and KUBARK torture manual technologies and techniques to change and control behavior and/or covertly and extra-legally dispose of designated “targeted individuals.”   Many segments of society are now enlisted in this effort, which Dr. Rauni Kilde describes as “the most important policy of the United States.”

The “interagency” includes Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Neighborhood Watch, NSA (collection of meta-data, surveillance, operation of “conscious?” super-computers), Air Force (control of satellites), use of C4ISR and related systems built and sold to all branches of the military by Lockheed Martin (subsidiary Leidos), Northrup Grumman, Boeing, and others, co-opted profession of neuro-science/psychiatry/psychology/cognitive science, law enforcement and judges, federal, state, and local agencies.

In our discussion of Operation 9/11, we showed that this operation was also carried out by the “interagency” in cooperation with Israel and American “sayanim”- And so it appears with “GOG’S NeW GESSTTAPO-

Recall pronouncement of Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon:   “We (Jews) control America, and the Americans know it.”   Hence, there is an intimate connection between the execution American and Israeli policies.

Recall also that 9/11 itself consisted of a “COG” (Continuity of Government) drill in which administrative control of the US was transferred to an underground bunker at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, near Colorado Springs, Colorado.   This huge military complex then included the North American Space Command, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), Aerospace Defense Command (ADCOM), Air Force Systems Complex, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration), and Air Weather Service.

On 9/11, the plans for imposition of Martial Law that had been established during Operation Garden Plot in the 1960s, and updated during Operation Rex (Readyness Exercise) in the 1980’s, were updated again.

U.S. Northern Command (US NORTHCOM), established in 2002, extended the “battlespace” to North America.




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  1. Dr. Rex Freitag on

    Thank-you Kev for all your shows over the years…you are a trooper indeed,,,lol. I have been gang stalked ever since that unscheduled interview with the FBI at Orlando Airport, in March of 2015…I had inadvertently discovered mind induction with psilocybin mushrooms. I now also realise, that the stalking had occurred much earlier in my life. Again thanks for your great work here…always love listening to you and the crew…lol.

    Cheers, Uncle Hexy

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