Geordie Rose, The Man Behind The Quantum Mask




Anthony Patch is my special guest on this episode of KBS & we take a look at the man behind D-Wave, Geordie Rose. Thanks to a listener we have found a personal website belonging to Geordie & its very revealing indeed.

For anyone unaware as to who Geordie Rose is, he is one of the people responsible for bringing us the D-Wave quantum computer. He, along with Eric Ladizinsky, put their heads together to come up the worlds most powerful quantum computer, capable of tunneling to other dimensions to retrieve solutions to problems that humans cannot even comprehend.

The D-Wave, as we have covered previously in our long list of shows, is set to impact us all & change the world around us forever. That is why we have decided to dig deeper on one of the characters responsible for bringing us this machine, Mr Geordie Rose.

Back to the information garnished from his personal website. We play a number of soundbites throughout the course of the show that we found posted on the site. He openly talks about how his power is derived from the dark side. Add to that his previous statements about the D-Wave black cube housing being akin to an alien altar & talk of the “great old ones” returning, this gives us a window into the mind of quantum mastermind.

Its said that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their interests & this is most definitely the case with Mr Rose & it all goes to back up everything we have said in the past about him.

We present Mr Rose in his own words & let you decide for yourself just what kind of person he truly is.

To find out more about Geordie Rose, tune in to The Kev Baker Show on Wednesday 10th January on Truth Frequency Radio. The February edition of Entangled magazine will reveal more about his personal website & until then continue to check back here & listen to the show for any new updates.

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