WOW! Skeletons of 5,000-year-old Chinese ‘GIANTS’ discovered



The Independent is reporting that archaeologists have uncovered skeletons of “giants” in Shandong province of China. The skeletons are said to date back 5000 years and measured 1.9 meters.

© Provided by Independent Print Limited | The tallest of the skeletons uncovered measured at 1.9m

Archaeologists in eastern China have found 5,000-year-old skeletons of people experts say would have been unusually tall and strong.

According to the measurements of bones in the graves at the site in Shandong province, a number of the people would have measured at 1.8m or taller, with one man estimated to have been 1.9m, Xinhua news agency reported.

Although not particularly unusual by 21st-century Western standards, it is thought their height would have seen them tower over many of their contemporaries.


Admittedly, these “giant” skeletons in themselves may not be evidence of anything “other worldly”. However, with that said, we must keep an open mind and look at the bigger picture to put this find into some kind of context.

Something about these “giants” got me thinking…..


All of this got me thinking back to when I first heard of the pyramids that are said to exist in China.

Ariel image of what appears to be many pyramids build in close proximity to one another

Hundreds of pyramids exist across China & they are highly guarded by the military. This has restricted any research of these ancient sites & thus the information on them is limited.

In 2000, China recognized that there were some 400 pyramids in the Shanxi region, to the north of Xi’an. Smaller than the legendary “Great White” pyramid, these ancient remains have been classified by some as burial mounds. While some of these structures do in fact serve as tombs, others suggest the earliest Chinese pyramids served a more mysterious purpose. Hausdorf even asserts that these structures have an extra-terrestrial origin.

Just how old are they? While many can be dated to various dynasties, others are believed to be older. Analyzing an aerial photograph of one set of pyramids east of Xi’an, ancient civilization researcher and author Graham Hancock determined that their layout coincided with the constellation of Gemini. However, computer analysis found that it is what Gemini would have looked like on the spring equinox in 10,500 BC.


Just who were the builders of these pyramids?

What secrets remain within them to this day?

Who were the “Sons of The Sky” that arrived on “iron dragons” that the emperors insisted were their ancestors?

Are we looking at a forgotten highly advance civilization of human beings?

Could it be that this is evidence of alien visitation in the distant past?

Or, are we dealing with the Fallen Angels & other interdimensionals that show up in our reality at certain periods in history?

There is so much information we are yet to uncover about the true history of our planet and our species. On top of that there is the information that has been gathered but occulted from us all by a ruling elite class hell bent of hiding the truth in fear it would lead to their demise.

We must forget all that we were indoctinated with at schools & colleges etc for the true story of this planet is far removed from that which is fed to us by the same ruling elites.

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