HUBRIS! Killing Black Holes, Gravity, Dark Energy & More Pseudo-Science




In this episode of The Kev Baker Show we are joined by Anthony Patch to discuss some of the cornerstones of today’s science, but are in reality nothing more than untested ideas coming from the minds of theoretical pseudo-scientists.

Anthony says….

Mainstream science mocks anyone outside their rarefied cloisters as practicing pseudoscience, all the while proclaiming their priesthood titles of ‘Theoretical Scientists, Physicists, AstroBiologists’, etc.

Today, we shall break apart their eggshell titles forming modern-day paradigms of paragons of god-like status.

Such hubris.

Such folly.

Included: Black Holes, Gravity, Electric Universe evidence, dark energy & more….



Black holes are the perfect example of scientific theory being accepted as fact, despite the fact that we have yet to see one, reproduce one or even explain what the heck it is in the first place.

Its just one theoretical beasts coming from the hubris filled characters that are ordained into the church of main stream science.

A black exists only on the black board & in the minds of scientists. This year we are set to get our first images of the invisible mass at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy called Sagittarius A. The worlds telescopes are all trained on the objects, allegedly a black hole, and even the scientists running the project aren’t getting their hopes up about the outcome.

The July 15th 2017 edition of New Scientist magazine poses an interesting question…

What if we find its not a black hole after all & something completely different (but equally theoretical)…..

This year, we should have the clincher: the first direct image of the supermassive black hole at the Milky Way’s centre. But as we gear up for that shadowy mugshot, some physicists are entertaining a maverick thought: what if it isn’t there?

The new word is that our obsession with black holes might have blinded us to the existence of something even stranger – a basic phenomenon of particle physics whose significance we have failed to grasp. After all, there’s good reason to want whatever is at our galaxy’s heart not to be a black hole. For a start, black holes make a nonsense of quantum mechanics, the best theory of everything-besides-gravity that we have.



Let me say right here & now that the boson Star is just as theoretical as the black hole! The most famous & previously a theoretical boson, was finally discovered on the 4th of July 2012 – The Higgs Boson. Photons also belong to the boson family.

In the place where scientists suspect black holes lie, it may well be a boson star lurking there in its place. Bose-Einstein condensate has been reproduced in a lab, and its not a stretch of the imagination that given the right bosons under the right conditions, that they may come together to form something much larger, giving birth to the Boson Star.

When we open our mind to the possibility, or likelihood, that black holes dont exist, the boson star ticks all the boxes for it to be a solid alternative candidate.

The characteristics of a boson Star are eerily similar to that of the black hole. Emitting no light of their own they would be invisible, just as with the black hole. The primary indication that they are even there would be their intense gravity. With the black holes and boson stars sharing similar indicators, its possible that scientists have been mistaking on for  the other.

What I really like about this model is that it brings us closer to a grand theory of everything. Einsteins theory of relativity & quantum mechanics contradict each other and gets messy whenever the two meet. If we can kill of the black holes in favour of Boson Stars or some as of yet unknown phenomena then the physics, then we will get closer to that theory of everything that explains both the movements of galaxies, planets etc & particles at the quantum level.

What has to be encouraging is that scientists are now openly discussing the possibility there are are alternatives to the black hole THEORY!

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