WTF? Mass Possession Of Children Playing Ouija App & The Arch Of Baal


WTF? Catholic Church Investigating Mass Possession Of Children Playing Ouija App!

The catholic church are investigating the mass possession of 20 youths after they played with a Ouija board app. Whether this is demonic possession or mass hysteria, the question must surely be why are there apps to contact spirits for children?

The jury is out on whether or not this was the result of demonic possession, with mass hysteria being an alternative explanation. However, Ouija boards are a conduit to entities that lie in another dimension, and these things should not be taken lightly.

Last year the catholic church were reporting that they were struggling to keep up with the amount of reported possessions.

Maybe its just me but i dont think its ever a good idea to be playing around on Ouija boards & to have apps available to young children is reckless & disgusting. If the possession proves to be true then its also highly dangerous!

Whether its Ouija apps, pokemon go or something else, as parents we have a duty to make sure we monitor just what are children are accessing online.


While children are contacting the dead, the world elite met in Dubai to discuss world government & our futures. I often speculate the world leaders, leading business people & other important celebrities etc are part of a dark occult group that worship the very demons that are being contacted via ouija boards. Well, perhaps there is more to my speculation than some might want to accept & we seen a major indication of what these people are into & worship at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

To mark the occasion there was a replica of the archway to the Temple of Baal erected near the conference centre. This archway is a replica of the one that stood in Palmyra prior to its destruction by Isis. The temple of Baal was home to blood sacrifices, so that should give you some indication of what these elites are into!

Perhaps most bizarrely, the 2017 World Government Summit in Dubai was held under the shadow of a “replica of a Roman arch that once stood in front of the pagan Temple of Ba’al,” reported Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz with Breaking Israel News. The New York Postdescribed the structure as “the Arch of the Temple of Bel.” Ba’al, of course, is the false god mentioned in numerous instances throughout the Bible. According to multiple reports, the original arch stood for 2,000 years at the Temple of Ba’al, sometimes spelled Bel or Baal, in Palmyra within present day Syria, a city known in the Bible as Tadmor.


The arch is set to be erected in Italy later this year. It will be erected close to the Italy/Swiss border, which puts it in close proximity to where the scientist priesthood will be attempting to open a portal to the other dimension where true evil resides.



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  1. Growing up with a ouija board in the house, yes, eerie things happened. Sixty years after my “Christian” mother forced me to use it with her, I still get creeped out (the next time, I refused and ran away from it). My mother’s 1920s generation thought stuff like that was fun-and-games, she told me the planchette “moves by itself”. I cannot imagine an app for this demonic toy, but I’m not all that surprised.

    Regarding the arch: World leaders are getting more obvious, because the conditioning process of the masses is almost complete. Boris Johnson laughed it off right to our face. If it’s so innocent and meaningless they wouldn’t drag it around the world and show it off, would they. They are not into fun and games, just deception.

    Look for things to get even more blatant. We are at the last moments of the end of days. God help us.

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