MONSTERLAND: UFOs, Bigfoot & Orange Orbs with Ronny Le Blanc



In this broadcast we are joined by Ronny Le Blanc, author of “MONSTERLAND: Encounters with UFOS, Bigfoot & Orange Orbs”. Ronny has a passion for all things strange & out of place, making him the perfect guest for the show! 

We discuss his book MONSTERLAND and get into some of the stories he has collated & Ronny’s own personal experience of the Sasquatch, UFOs and more!

We get into whether or not the Bigfoot is some kind of interdimensional creature & discuss the possibility that they are able to traverse between worlds using ley line energies.

Im betting that Monsterland is somewhere you have never heard of… until now!

Turn down the lights, setting in and prepare for some woo!!!!


Ronny Le Blanc has always had an interest in things that were deemed “paranormal” or “strange”. Stories that defyied explanation, the laws of physics and belief in the minds of those who heard about the encounters. His interest spans from the esoteric, metaphysical and alternative history to cryptozoology, science and ufology.

He has spent a majority of his life devouring books and content surrounding the subject matter of UFOs, Bigfoot and the paranormal.

Once his personal life seemed to become intertwined with his research, he was driven to write a book about his experiences and the hidden history of Monsterland.

He currently works in the Marketing and Advertising industry in Boston, Massachusetts.

MONSTERLAND: Encounters with UFOS, Bigfoot & Orange Orbs

There is an area known to the locals of Leominster, Massachusetts as MONSTERLAND. There are sightings of UFOS, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs. They have been coming and going for years. But where are they coming from?

Why are they here? It seems the state of Massachusetts has had a long history of sightings and encounters with these mysterious entities and they are happening to this day.

Could all of these events somehow be connected? What is so special about Leominster that they have plagued the area for so long? Author and Researcher Ronny Le Blanc of Leominster thinks that he might have the answers to some of these questions. But the answers received lead to a whole new understanding of the unknown…Welcome to MONSTERLAND.

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