Are We Now Living In An A.I. Controlled Matrix?


Scientists in the USA have used artificial intelligence to create the first cognitive movie trailer. IBM’s Watson was used to produce a trailer for upcoming horror flick “Morgan”.

With this in mind, we must start to question how much of what we see is brought to us by A.I. & machines.

The chances are you have read an article on the internet that has been entirely produced by an artificially intelligent software program & you didnt even notice.

Computers are now learning how to forecast the weather & again, how would you know the difference between the A.I. production & that of a human. The lines are so blurred that they no longer exist.

As time goes by, and advancement after advancement comes along, we are slowly being integrated into an artificial reality that is being produced by 1s & 0s coming from a computer.

Would we notice our assimilation into this fake reality?

Maybe the correct question to ask is did anyone notice when it happened?

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