Planet X/Planet Nine 4x Mass Of Earth & The Coming Pole Shift


EDITOR’S NOTE: It just isnt going away folks! News surrounding Planet X/Planet Nine is still coming thick and fast, this time its coming from scientists in Switzerland. What really strikes me is that for years the mere suggestion of an extra-planetary body out there somewhere would have brought laughter & mockery, it would seem anyone and everyone with a Phd and a telescope are getting in on the act. Lets have a look at the latest hypothesis being thrown out there and then we will tie it in with some other news that broke today concerning the migrating poles!


Planet Nine: Ice Giant Roughly Four Times Bigger than Earth?

A duo of scientists at the University of Bern has estimated that the suspected Planet Nine is a smaller version of Uranus and Neptune with a surface temperature of minus 375 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 226 degrees Celsius) and a radius about 3.66 times that of Earth.

Simulated structure of Planet Nine. Image credit: Esther Linder / Christoph Mordasini.

Simulated structure of Planet Nine. Image credit: Esther Linder / Christoph Mordasini.

“How big and how bright is Planet Nine if it really exists? What is its temperature and which telescope could find it?” These were the questions that Prof. Christoph Mordasini and Esther Linder, a PhD student, wanted to answer when they heard about Planet Nine.

“For me candidate Planet Nine is a close object, although it is about 700 times further away as the distance between the Earth and the Sun,” Linder said.

The scientists assume that the planet is a small ice giant with an envelope of hydrogen and helium.

With their evolution model they calculated how parameters like the planetary radius or the brightness evolved over time since the Solar System has formed 4.6 billion years ago.

They conclude that a planet with the projected mass equal to 10 Earth masses has a present-day radius of 3.66 Earth radii and a temperature of minus 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

“This means that the planet’s emission is dominated by the cooling of its core, otherwise the temperature would only be 10 Kelvin,” Linder said.

“Its intrinsic power is about 1,000 times bigger than its absorbed power.”

Therefore, the reflected sunlight contributes only a minor part to the total radiation that could be detected.

This also means that Planet Nine is much brighter in the infrared than in the visual.

“With our study candidate Planet Nine is now more than a simple point mass, it takes shape having physical properties,” Prof. Mordasini said.

The scientists also checked if their results explain why the planet hasn’t been detected by telescopes so far. They calculated the brightness of smaller and bigger planets on various orbits.

They conclude that the sky surveys performed in the past had only a small chance to detect an object with a mass of 20 Earth masses or less, especially if it is near the farthest point of its orbit around the Sun. But NASA’s WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) telescope may have spotted a planet with a mass equal to 50 Earth masses or more.

“This puts an interesting upper mass limit for the planet,” Linder said.

According to the scientists, future telescopes like the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope near Cerro Tololo in Chile or dedicated surveys should be able to find or rule out candidate Planet Nine.

“That is an exciting perspective,” Prof. Mordasini said.

The results were published online April 6, 2016 in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.


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If there is a planet coming in then one thing that I feel we would see is some activity or anomolies with our magnetic field as it reacts to the object getting closer and forces being exerted upon it.

Today in The Express there was news concerning the magnetic north pole and the possibility it is going to end up somewhere near the UK!

The redistribution of water – a combination of melting polar ice caps and shrinking lakes and seas – is responsible for the surprising redirection of the Earth’s axis of rotation.

Only 10 years ago the North Pole had been gradually moving towards Canada’s Hudson Bay, until scientists noticed a sudden and unexpected 75 degree shift eastwards, towards the Greenwich meridian.

Now a study by NASA’s Jet Propulsion lab has discovered the true reason behind the change of course.

Previously it was suspected melting glaciers and ice sheets and the resulting rise in sea levels was solely responsible for the changes in rotation.

But the change in water distribution on land is also having an impact, as huge bodies of water including the Caspian Sea and Lake Titicaca slowly dry up.

The team behind the research used data from NASA satellites to chart the earth’s shifting axis in relation to the redistribution of water.

Lead researcher Surendra Adhikari said: “This is the first time we have solid evidence that changes in land water distribution on a global scale also shift which direction the axis moves to.

“The recent shift from the 20th-century direction is very dramatic.”


Now, hold on a moment…

There is a lot of talk about how climate change is the reason for the migrating pole. Now, if that is the case, please remember that the very governments that meet at the climate conferences are the same people that are directly responsible for any change on the planet thanks to the ever increasing geoengineering projects that have been on going for decades!

Also, lets not mistake the differences between magnetic pole shift and physical pole shift. We are merely talking about the magnetic pole migrating to a new location, not the more dramatic rotational change etc.

Something else we need to touch upon is the interview with the ex-HAARP engineer Billy Hayes that I conducted just the other day. In that interview we discussed the magnetic pole and CERN, and what Billy shared is critical. If the ELites are able to manipulate the natural lines of magnetic force at the pole, at the source so to speak, then they literally control the entire field around the planet. Billy spoke of the fact that Scotland is now a major part of this atmospheric manipulation in regards to the wind turbines being erected everywhere. These turbines contribute to the ionisation process of the atmosphere for use by the military in terms of EM weapons, weather manipulation, surveillance and whatever else they get up to that we dont know about.

Finally, we must be aware that everything is timed for a reason. There must be some reason the Planet X stuff is not being talked about openly.

Perhaps its the conspiracy theorist in me, but I wouldnt be suprised if they are talking up the arrival of another planet just so it can be used in a false flag event… a false planet event. What i mean is if they know there are earth changes afoot, or they intend to bring them about themselves, what better cover than a planet coming in from an as yet undetermined location!

Just saying!


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