Supernatural Weapons From God To Fight Spiritual Warfare




In this episode of The Kev Baker Show we get into the spiritual warfare that is increasing around the world at this time. We often talk of the satanic elites plans & the technologies they are designing and putting to evil use, but how will God respond to this attack on His people?

Could it be that we are about to be armed with supernatural weapons of our own, to enable us to fight the darkness that is ever increasing?

We often discuss what we call the “quantum entanglements” that seem to be drawing like minded people together for the fight ahead. This in itself may be one of the supernatural abilities we are developing – the ability to seek & find those we need to be connected with to combat these strangest of times.

It is said that our brains only operate at about 2% of its potential – could it be we are about to see that increase dramatically?

In addition to our brain power, what about all that “junk” DNA that the “top scientists” keep referring to. Could it be that some of that dormant code is about to be reactivated?

Telepathy, telekinesis & the ability to see beyond the veil could be on the cards if we are indeed correct. Perhaps an increase to the 5 senses we already possess, anything is possible with God behind the wheel in this fight against evil.

Only time will tell, but it does make sense that there will be something given to His followers for the fight that is occurring right now with Satan and his minions.

We discuss the recent raid by police on a Vatican apartment that uncovered widespread drug abuse amidst scenes of homosexuality. Incidents like this, and the evil that runs through the Vatican, are in no small part adding to the darkness that is pervading our reality.

Add to this the work of D-Waves quantum computer & its qubits that tunnel to other dimensions, and in the words of one of the D-Wave creators, Geordie Rose, bringing back a 10% increase in resources to that put in. Bare in mind that the same Geordie Rose describes the D-Wave as being akin to “an altar to an alien god”.

I suspect the use of this machine has in some way left the boundary between here & the spirit world porous in nature, allowing energies & entities to inhabit our reality in this physical dimension in which we all reside.

Lots more info including updates on Artificial Intelligence & more!

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