The Silent $21Trillion Jubilee That No One Noticed ~ The Ambassador ~

There has been no guest to the Kev Baker Show that ever caused the kind of storm that the Ambassador to the Red Dragon Family started after his previous visits to the show at the start of 2015. In this broadcast the great man is back, and he is back to inform us that the global jubilee he spoke of previously, and that so many scoffed at, is actually about to begin.

In previous visits to the show, we learned how The Ambassador is a representative for the Red Dragon Family in China. The “Dragons” lineage can be traced back through the ages and is rumoured to be direct bloodline descendants from the Announaki themselves.

The Ambassador spoke previously about the need for a paradigm change, and one thing that was in the works would be a “global jubilee”. As i mentioned in opening, this was met with the now customery barrage of doubt and hate filled comments, and even in my most optimistic of moods it was still almost too good to be true.

So, when Gwen Caldwell told me that Bloomberg had published an article concerning a massive sums of money going in the global market i immediately sat up and took notice, as this was a sign of exactly what The Ambassador had previously promised.


Bloomberg reports…..

With $21 Trillion, China’s Savers Are Set to Change the World

Few events will be as significant for the world in the next 15 years as China opening its capital borders, a shift that economists and regulators across the world are now starting to grapple with.

With China’s leadership aiming to scale back the role of investment in the domestic economy, the nation’s surfeit of savings — deposits currently stand at $21 trillion — will increasingly need to be deployed overseas. That’s also becoming easier, as Premier Li Keqiang relaxes capital-flow regulations.

The consequences ultimately could rival the transformation wrought by the Communist nation’s fusion with the global trading system, capped by its 2001 World Trade Organization entry. That stage saw goods made cheaper across the world, boosting the purchasing power of low-income families at the cost of hollowed-out industries.

Some changes are easy to envision: watch out for Mao Zedong’s visage on banknotes as the yuan makes its way into more corners of the globe. China’s giant banks will increasingly dot New York, London and Tokyo skylines, joining U.S., European and Japanese names. Property prices from California to Sydney to Southeast Asia already have seen the influence of Chinese buying.

Other shifts are tougher to gauge. International investors including pension funds, which have had limited entry to China to date, will pour in, clouding how big a net money exporter China will be. Deutsche Bank AG is among those foreseeing mass net outflows, which could go to fund large-scale infrastructure, or stoke asset prices by depressing long-term borrowing costs. (read more…)

Tune in to find out more, and to hear about the various projects that the Dragons are helping to fund.

Being in the position he is, and conducting the lines of work that he is involved in, comes at great personal risk. The Ambassador will explain how various attempts have been made on his life over the years. I would be more suspicious if he wasn’t a targetted individual!

The Ambassador also talks about the upcoming Jade Helm.

I tell the Ambassador that what he is describing sound, dare i say it, like a “new world order” and i ask him whats going to prevent this new order looking like China today – poor work conditions, forced abortions, poor human rights etc and the Ambassador explains why this will not be the case.

Whether you like or dislike The Ambassador is irrelevant, as is anyones opinion on the veracity of his claims, for we can only judge something by its fruits. There are going to be plenty more “markers” that we will see in the near future if this paradigm change really is underway.

Time will surely tell if what is being claimed comes to fruition, but I feel that over the coming months more developments will occur that will lead to yet more shows with The Ambassador, someone i would like to thank for the work he is doing and the time taken to talk to us on the show.

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