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Artificial intelligence is playing a part in all of our lives already & is only set to become more and more intrusive & pervasive the further we move into this dystopic future. IMB & thier “Cognitive” A.I. called Watson is one of the more public AI programs on the market & we examine their “5 in 5” prediction that read like the contents to all the shows we have done with Anthony Patch previously.

This is the strange world of AI that is upon us all.

IBM’s “5 IN 5″…..

For the majority of the conversation we concentrate on the IBM artificial intelligence called Watson. Back at the start of the year IBM published an article in which they predicted 5 major advancements that they see coming about over the course of the next 5 years with the assistance of their Watson A.I.

The 5 predictions fit exactly with the kinds of topics we cover on this with Anthony, include something called “macroscopes” that sound eerily familiar to the “Sentient World Simulation” that we talk of constantly.

Check out the 5 predictions here….

wordsWith AI, our words will be a window into our mental health. In five years, what we say and write will be indicators of our mental health and physical wellbeing. Patterns in our speech and writing analyzed by cognitive systems will enable doctors and patients to predict and track early-stage developmental disorders, mental illness and degenerative neurological diseases more effectively.


Hyperimaging and AI will give us superhero vision. In five years, our ability to “see” beyond visible light will reveal new insights to help us understand the world around us. This technology will be widely available throughout our daily lives, giving us the ability to perceive or see through objects and opaque environmental conditions anytime, anywhere.

macroscopesMacroscopes will help us understand Earth’s complexity in infinite detail. The physical world before our eyes only gives us a small view into what’s an infinitely interconnected and complex world. Instrumenting and collecting masses of data from every physical object, big and small, and bringing it together will reveal comprehensive solutions for our food, water and energy needs.

Medical labs "on a chip" will serve as health detectives at the nano scale.

Medical “labs on a chip” will serve as health detectives for tracing disease at the nanoscaleNew techniques that detect tiny bioparticles found in bodily fluids will reveal clues that, when combined with data from the Internet of Things, will give a full picture of our health and diagnose diseases before we experience any symptoms.


Smart sensors will detect environmental pollution at the speed of lightEnvironmental pollutants won’t be able to hide thanks to new sensing technologies that utilize silicon photonics to accurately pinpoint and monitor the quality of our environment. Together with physical analytics combined with artificial intelligence, these technologies will unlock insights to help us prevent pollution and fully harness the promise of cleaner fuels like natural gas.

The combination of data explosion and exponential computation growth over the past fifty years has opened up whole new challenges for us to work on and solve together – challenges we never could have tackled or even foreseen in the past. This “digital disruption” is transforming the world around us.

As our latest 5 in 5 predictions show, there is no challenge too big – or too small – for us to set our sights on if we’re only bold enough to take the chance.


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